Rwanda Cocatu Cooperative

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Cocatu Cooperative Farmer sorting coffee parchment

Cocatu is a cooperative near Tumba town, in mountainous Northern Rwanda. Located at 1820 meters, the coop actually draws coffee from the surrounding hills of 2000+ meters.Cocatu is a thriving cooperative in an area where many have struggled. Keys to their success has been strong management with sound business practices and partnering with buyers paying a fair price for their fantastic coffee. Paying decent prices has led to new drying beds, a new disc pulper and farmers who earn a sustainable livelihood.

Cocatu Cooperative farmers are growing the Bourbon varietal, and this lot has the classic Bourbon taste; sweet and chocolatey.

Altitude: 5900 - 6500'

Varietal: 100% Bourbon

Process: Washed

The Cup:

  • Full, sweet mouthfeel
  • Slight floral notes
  • Chocolate covered coconut at medium roast to fudgelike in our dark roast.

I haven't tried this as an espresso, yet, but Bourbons typically work great under pressure.