About Us

Epic Coffee was founded out of a passion for greatdave.jpg coffee and a deep commitment to both people and planet. Dave Thompson, the founder of Epic Coffee,has been a proponent of Fair Trade coffee since his university days. However, he recognized that Fair Trade doesn’t guarantee great coffee. Having spent a significant amount of time in Guatemala, Dave also saw the challenges faced by both small share farmers and the pickers working on larger estates. So, why not work directly with coffee growers who are producing great coffee and have ethical practices, such as paying workers fair wages and protecting the environment. In this way ensuring both great coffee and fair pay for their work, often two to three times higher than Fair Trade prices! Hence, Epic Coffee was born. Working to bring great coffees from around the world while supporting people and the planet. From farm to cup!


At Epic Coffee we believe that excellent coffee goes hand in hand with treating both the planet and people right. We hope you agree.